Henriette has been working in the humanitarian sector since 2008. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management from University Saint Joseph with a background in social work and specialized education. First, with the Lebanese Civil society organization and later with Humanity & Inclusion, Henriette has acquired extensive experience in the education sector in Lebanon. She worked for a specialized school for children with disabilities for many years before moving to humanitarian work. She has worked in NGOs to ensure access to education for Lebanese and non-Lebanese with and without disabilities. In 2018, Henriette joined Humanity & Inclusion as Inclusive Education Project Manager and has worked with a multidisciplinary team to provide assistive devices to children with disabilities and enable them to enroll in formal and non-formal schools. In her inclusion field technical specialist role, Henriette has offered tailored support to HI inclusion since 2019. She also supports partner organizations to evaluate and analyze the barriers to Inclusion and support them to develop inclusiveness improvement plans. Additionally, Henriette develops curricula, delivers training and coaching on Inclusion, and provides awareness-raising workshops.