About The Platform

This platform is the first of its kind in the Arab region. It aims to provide persons with disabilities, their families and caregivers as well as organisations, researchers and academic institutions various kinds of information related to disability. Additionally, the platform will assist in informing research to make the Arab world more accessible and inclusive. 

This platform contains:

  1. A depository of the literature and database research on disability in the MENA region
  2. A depository of directory and assistive technology services in the MENA region
  3. Awareness material on disability and inclusiveness
  4. A watchtower that will enable the public and organizations to report violations and successful initiatives in the field of disability through this forum. 


The Disability Research and Advocacy Hub is an initiative established by the Centre for Lebanese Studies (CLS) at the Lebanese American University. The idea was formulated in September 2018 as a result of a series of public consultations and workshops were conducted with key stakeholders in Lebanon in partnership with Oxford Brookes University. These consultations emphasized the need to conduct a mapping of existing research around disability issues in the Arab region and identifying relevant research and advocacy gaps. Ultimately, this will contribute to informing policies and advocacy interventions related to disability in the Arab World through coordinated and well-targeted research and advocacy programmes, for the well-being of persons with disabilities.

A steering committee was formed in 2019 to implement a 5-year strategy in Lebanon that includes relevant and pressing issues such as advocacy and awareness campaigns, research in the field of the disability, capacity building programs, and the ratification, amendment, and implementation of laws related to persons with disabilities.


The mission of the Disability Hub is to create a network of expertise in the field of Disability in the Arab World. This network includes academics, representatives from NGOs, activists, specialists, policy makers and practitioners as well as every person interested in the field of Disability.


The vision of the Disability Hub is to create an accessible and inclusive environment for people with disabilities to ensure a better quality of life for them. 


The Disability Hub aims to:

  • Contribute to knowledge production on disability studies in the region through research.  
  • Create a knowledge hub on disability issues to enable the analysis and rethinking of existing approaches including the discourse on disability as well as practice and policy 
  • Analyse the discourses and policy on disability, as well as monitor and evaluate practices. 
  • Offer a strong informed voice that can inform the disability agenda in Lebanon and the MENA region.

These objectives will be addressed in different dimensions related to disability such as human rights, ethics, social and physical environment, including attitudinal barriers, participation (political, economic, social, educational etc.), health, diverse communication and media. 

Who We Are?

The Disability Research and Advocacy Hub is a network of activists, researchers, academics, practitioners, education institutes, non-governmental organisations, governmental organisations, among others who meet periodically to advance the field of research and social engagement, and affect policy change on issues affecting persons with disabilities.

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By sharing knowledge, we can advance the rights and improve laws that affect you and people you know. 

  • If you have any information to share, kindly send to [email protected]  
  • If you are a person with disability or a caregiver of a person with disability, you can search for the services provided on the website.  
  • Or you can share with us your experience by sending to [email protected]  
  • Or you can report any violations on [email protected]